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Childrens Toothbrush

This children's toothbrush is a soft silicone brush that is designed to clean children's teeth, it is ideal for 360 oral teeth, and is 32 mm wide and 12 mm deep.

4 Pcs Micro-nano Toothbrush For Sensitive Gums And Teeth
| Special Needs Autism Calm

Autisticare | The Only Child-Safe

By DenTrust Autisticare - Autism Sensory Toothbrush


360 Whole Mouth Clean Kids Teeth Brushes Silicone 2-12 Age
Kids Brushes Teeth Silicone 2-12 Age

2 Pack 360 Whole Mouth

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New Ro
Soft Silicone Brush 3 2-6/6-12 Kids

Childrens Toothbrush Walmart

This dr, fresh toothbrush comes with 6 soft bristles and 6 adult bristles. It is excellent for children, that loves to brush their teeth, the bristles are also soft, so they don't hurt their toothaches. This child's toothbrush is an outstanding substitute to keep your child's toothbrush habits down to a minimum, the u-shaped toothbrush head is designed to clean all of their teeth in one go and the silicone brush head is soft and gentle on the skin. The new u-shape design of the 360 degree infant toothbrush is for children who are wanting to help their babies make good grown up style speeches, this toothbrush presents a variety of colors and shapes to tailor any child's style and age. The toothbrush also imparts a self cleaning system which is outstanding for parents who are constantly cleaning their babies's teeth, this children's toothbrush imparts an u-shaped head that is top-of-the-heap for brushing teeth. The brush is fabricated of soft nylon and the head is adjustable to tailor any toothbrush handle, this toothbrush comes with a brush guide which helps keep the brush in good condition.