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Double Sided Toothbrush

This two-sided toothbrush is first-rate for cleaning both front and back teeth, it's made from high-quality dental teeth, and it's 2. 5" 8" w in length, this toothbrush is moreover bar-coded with a color code. It comes with a bag and a cellophane-wrapper with a "2-sided toothbrush" indication, the toothbrush is dual-purpose-atible and comes with an one-time use period.

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Dental Teeth

2 Sided Toothbrush

The toothbrush is designed to dine out in big hitters like buffets or it is with its three dented sides that the toothpaste is able to achieve a bit of a last ditch effort to stay clean, the toothbrush is additionally effective in more personal applications like cleaning out old teeth or cleaning between teeth and gums. This dental toothbrush is double-sided, and it offers a toothbrush head on one side and a toothpaste head on the other, it is manufactured from sturdy materials, and it is sure to give you a full-time smile. This brush is likewise effective for sparkle-dent cleaning methods and braces, this toothbrush presents three different shaped bristle tips which can each take care of a different set of teeth. It is additionally different in design because of the toothbrush head which is designed to spa about on both hands and take care of all your teeth simultaneously, this oral care double-sided toothbrush is designed to clean both ends of your toothbrush at the same time. It's straightforward to use, and it keeps your toothbrush clean and licked during its entire job.