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Issa Electric Toothbrush

The is ca Electric toothbrush is a rechargeable toothbrush that comes with a soft silicone bristles, this toothbrush can be used for morning use, before getting ready for the day, or after getting out of the shower. It also includes a built in night time function.

Foreo Issa Play Toothbrush Reviews

The new foreo Issa play toothbrush is a sleek and stylish toothbrush that offers plenty of features including an Electric toothbrush system and a removable toothbrush head, the toothbrush is able to keep your teeth clean and healthy, while the oral care features keep you hydrated all day long. The Issa play toothbrush is moreover quiet and basic to use, making it a fantastic alternative for busy people who desire a simple, easy-to-use toothbrush, Issa toothbrush black is an exceptional toothbrush for folks with sensitive teeth. It is hydrator compatible and uses 2 aa batteries so you can keep your toothbrush running for hours on end, its hybrid silicone Electric toothbrush will leave your teeth feeling clean and frizzy in just one use. The Issa Electric toothbrush is a new, pre-owned brush head that is available for $10, this is a first rate deal at this price point! It provides an 3 Electric sonic toothbrush that is excellent for people with toothache or toothache spots. The brush head is movement-based, so it is sure to get to work and clean your teeth and gums quickly, ! The foreo Issa hybrid silicone Electric toothbrush is an exceptional alternative to keep your toothbrush in unrivaled condition - new and first-class for the climate of the united states. The brush is manufactured of durable silicone and extends a blue color to it, it is brand new and sealed box and will be a top-notch addition to your home.