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Pepsodent Toothbrush

This vintage toothbrush is from the 1960 s and is never opened, it is produced of plastic and provides a red and white on name on the side. This toothbrush is a sterling addition to each toothbrush cabinet.

Pepsodent Pep Gumcare Tb Soft B2G1 Multipack Toothbrush
White W/ Green & White W/ Blue Soft

NOS Lot Of 2 Vintage

By Pepsodent


Sealed Childs Adult Med..

Lot Of 2 Vintage NOS

By Pepsodent


Es Pepsodent Squibb Soft & Hard Bristles Sealed Nos
Es Sensodyne Gum Pepsodent Red, Clear
Multicolor Sealed

(Lot of 6) Vintage Pepsodent/

By Pepsodent/ Lifeline/ Tek



Lot Of 18 Vintage New

By Assorted


Pepsodent Extra Soft Toothbrush

The vintage Pepsodent medium toothbrush toothpaste is sealed in a sealed plastic case, this gives a final size of 0. 69 inches, the toothpaste is from the era of sealed plastic toothpaste cases, so there is and when using this toothpaste. The amount of toothpaste in the case is average which is first-class for your toothbrush, the toothpaste is furthermore pre-shrunk for top-of-the-line size. This vintage Pepsodent toothbrush with toothpaste sealed adult medium green nos is a fantastic addition to your dental care, this toothbrush is originally from the early 20 th century and gives many of the features of the toothpaste seal. This toothpaste is originally an orange color with a green overtones and is originally filled with toothpaste, the toothpaste brush is additionally original and minty-salt-free. This toothbrush comes with a soft toothpaste applicator and a toothpaste seal, this toothpaste brush is valuable for cleaning and is good for checking out your smile area as well as toothpaste use. The Pepsodent toothbrush is a must-have for any toothbrush setup! The top-rated thing about Pepsodent toothbrush is that it is super soft and uncomplicated to use, making it top-notch for beginner toothbrush users, the toothbrush extends a gold-colored light show, which is sure to add to the toothbrush increasing xt and to see fast! The Pepsodent toothbrush is a soft and effective toothbrush that is designed for use in the home. It is fabricated from durable construction and features a green and black design, the toothbrush is uncomplicated to adopt and is designed to improve oral hygiene. This toothbrush grants the lot of 2 toothbrushes to give you a more care for your home.