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Sonic Edge Toothbrush

This Sonic Edge toothbrush offers a high-quality design with a colorful purple and white color, it is first-rate for your Sonic you get your toothbrush set up in no time at all! The toothbrush is uncomplicated to operate and is practical for taking care of your teeth.

Black Replacement Brush Heads for the by Sonic Edge (4 Pack) - Bestseller
With Charging Station
With Extended Charge Battery

New Sonic Edge Electric Toothbrush

By New Sonic Edge Electric Toothbrush With Extended C


Sonic Edge Extended Charge Toothbrush Reviews

The Sonic Edge electric toothbrush provides been specially designed with your needs in mind, this toothbrush renders been extra durable and extended charge battery that will last up to four hours on a single charge. With its grey and combination, the Sonic Edge will be basic to understand, the Sonic Edge electric toothbrush is excellent for people who crave a toothbrush that can go the extra distance to clean all of their teeth and gums. This toothbrush offers three different modes to choose from, and can be controlled with a timer and four heads, the electric battery will leave the toothbrush with enough power to go as far as it can without charging, so the Sonic maximum clean toothbrush is top-of-the-line for long-distance use. The Sonic Edge toothbrush is an unequaled toothbrush because it provides a terrific feature- 3 modes, timer, 4 heads, it is moreover electric because it is very effortless to use. The Sonic Edge toothbrush is a sterling surrogate for individuals who desire an effortless to handle toothbrush, extended charge model that comes with a Sonic noise to help it feel better. It is produced of materials and renders a black finish, it is ideal for people with teeth problems.