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Steampunk Toothbrush Holder

This Steampunk toothbrush Holder is a top-notch surrogate to add a touch of luxury to your toothbrush stand! The beautiful bronze and iron finish is sure to set you apart from the other toothbrush holders on the market, this toothbrush Holder provides a beautiful steel glass base with a bit of a rustic flavor to it. The top of the toothbrush Holder imparts a variety of small hooks and eyes that can be used to add a touch of luxury and to your toothbrush stand.

Cheap Steampunk Toothbrush Holder

This beautiful toothbrush Holder is a delicious twist on the traditional toothbrush, it is fabricated from a rustic Steampunk industrial bronze iron glass base and provides a beautiful toothbrush handle. It is an unequaled gift for Steampunk lovers or for someone who wants to add a bit of luxury to their toothbrush Holder collection, this simple toothbrush Holder is a first-rate addition to home steampunk. The rustic and antique-inspired design is puissant for any home Steampunk atmosphere, this toothbrush Holder also includes a digital toothbrush and a lighted mirror. This beneficial Steampunk toothbrush Holder is top for folks who enjoy to keep their toothbrush close to their body, the rustic and stylish design is top-grade for any office or home décor. This toothbrush Holder is conjointly top-notch for people who appreciate to handle their toothbrush on the go, the high-quality, durable metal makes vintage rustic Steampunk industrial bronze iron glass base toothbrush is Holder an excellent substitute for someone who wants to store and handle their toothbrush properly. It is manufactured of brass and iron, and is produced of glass, it is a toothbrush Holder that is rustic and steampunk.