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Toothbrush Calendar

This beneficial toothbrush Calendar is fantastic for the stamping and stamp lab creative people! They can keep track of when they need to get their teeth cleaned, and have a keepsake of.

Toothbrush Calendar Amazon

This is a Calendar with days starting on the left and going clock wise, there are toothbrush dentists in the top left and right margin. There is a scrapbooking area in the middle and a Calendar area on the right, there is a toothbrush dentists in the top left and right margin. This Calendar is for schnauzer puppy dogs who desire to keep their teeth clean and healthy! It includes planner templates for creating days and months, along with stickers to make sure their teeth are brushed on the right day and in the right order, this Calendar is a to-do list for stamp & stitch crafting planners who need a rubber stamp for stamp crafting. The Calendar offers different toothbrush icons that can help you to stay on track with your stamping and stamp crafting goals, this Calendar features a rubber stamp that can be used to stamp teethbrush transcripts and other crafting plans. The stamp can also be used to toothpaste.