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Toothbrushing Reward Chart

Tooth brushing Reward Chart is top-of-the-heap substitute to get your body moving and enjoy the process of brushing teeth, the Chart can help you to understand your own brushing trend and get you more motivation to do it better.

Toothbrushing Reward Chart Walmart

The toothbrush Reward Chart is to help you avoid reminder aiding the task, the toothbrush rewards Chart is a guide to how many rewards points you'll get for doing the toothbrushing. The rewards points are earned by doing the toothbrushing, results in the toothpaste being used, the rewards points are of the toothbrush! The toothbrush rewards Chart is a table that shows you how often and for how long you can use each reward. The Chart is a tool to motivate and encourage your team to toothbrush.