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Wisdom Toothbrush

This tiny, little toothbrush is about to become a toothbrush of a different kind, it's extra hard, and will pasty your teeth and gums in a hurry. The color varies will give you the ability to find Wisdom smokers toothbrush is in different colors to suit your needs.

3X Wisdom 212 Smokers Extra Hard Brown Bristle Tooth Brush.USA Seller

Wisdom Toothbrush Ebay

The Wisdom smokers toothbrush is an unrivaled alternative to keep your toothbrush experience special, the extra hard bristles will keep your toothbrush bristles soft to the touch and make your smoking experience special. This toothbrush is extra hard so you can keep your Wisdom teeth clean for years to come! The bristles will leave a really bad odor in your toothbrush case, so you can feel confident that you're never going to be a smoker, the Wisdom toothbrush is a brush that smokers will admire because it is extra hard and fits anywhere they need it to. It is further water resistant so they can stay clean while they are traveling, Wisdom toothbrush is a high-quality toothbrush that is extra hard so you can keep your toothbrush clean all day and all night. The bristles are extra hard so they can fight against plaque and bacteria, and the toothpaste is strong enough to fight against the calls of the gum disease, this toothbrush is unequaled for people who ache to keep their toothbrush clean and their teeth clean.